18 November 2018 by Manon

         We left the Blue Mountain heading North of Queensland. One hour plane later, I think I fell in love for this part of the world. We have not seen anything yet and some of my thoughts are getting clearer. I find here what I have lost there, a new way of life.

We arrived in Paradise, white buildings seat on whit sand beaches where huge pacific waves come to crash. Surfers ride breakers without breaking a sweat in this dangerous ocean full of secrets. Standing in front of this blue vastness, I realise this is the home of the bigest manimals, the deepest pits, the most hidden secrets, the most dangerous animals. In this ocean death is everywhere but everybody looks so alive ! The blue of the water shines into my eyes, the sea focum comes around my feet, it’s beautiful.

Everything seems so much easier here, I am sure evil is burking somewhere but I have not found it so far. It is at the resort on the pool side that I write this note, in the shade of a palm tree in Palm Beach that has quite an obvious name. Hot wind strokes my face and the glowing sun burns my skin. It is the spring time but it feels like my body is going throught intense summer. To be continued…



          Australians live in total harmony with animals. They actually are not afraid of man, it is very easy to spot a roo, feed parrots or approach wild animals. people talks often of flying fox, I am excited to see some !

We met Laeticia an old travel friends of Julien and belgian expatriate, who opened us her home for 4 nights. Coming accross her was not an accident. She was abled to answer our questions about expatriation and how moving into a new country, vaganism and her pregnancy ouside of the EU. A great woman who fights for her rights and values (small thought for vegan spaghettis).

Being vegetarian is not an issue. In some homes, it is frowned upon to bring meat or even dairy and animal products (milks, eggs, cheese, etc…). We are learning a different way of eating, probably a better one and god bless Peanut Better !


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