Phillip Island

100km² wild fauna


02 Décembre 2018, by Julien

          Going to Phillip Island was for me an opportunity to take a break out of time. The only link we had was Jon, we arrived in the middle of the night but he had no problem leaving us his keys and a welcome note. After a night of troubles, what was coming could only be good. Having a tchat about life, eating homemade crepes still hot while the sun shines red one last time before setting, is part of this travelling experiences warming your heart and waking your mind. These moments are magicals, unbelievable and stay with you forever, deep inside.

Close by are the Nobbies. There is colorful vegetation facing the ocean, where reptiles and birds live in harmony. But once reaching the point, take a look at Round Island, a few hundred metres away. Also called, Sea Rock, it’s told that seals sleep on it. This dau however they must have been on holiday or at the spa but not on the rocks, shame. Anyway if you want to go for a walk, head south. Go towards Cape Woolamai, and straight to the beach offering you a stroll through a wild fauna very much present for a few hours.

We can see wallabies, always some new birds, a few snakes and you can’t even start to fount how the view opening on the bay once you reach the top.



Manon egg

03 Décembre 2018, by Manon

         It’s for these moments that Couchsurfing is for me one of the best ways to travel. Meeting someone in the middle of nowhere, like linked to this legendary red thread to bring you to the heart of its country, to the best it can look. Lost on Philipp Island, we are staying at Jon’s, a solitary man in his 50’s, worn out by time and agest by stories. Jon and I can barely communicate but a look is enough. It’s while rolling a durrie that he explains us that tonight he wants to bring us on the beach to observed the sunset and seabirds. Coming back from a fishing day to feed their okioks. On this beach, magic appears.

House are a few metres from the ocean, in a small town at the south og the island, called Surf Beach. A Britanny like brise strokes us, fresh Antartic wing, the sweet spring sun and the iodine small left bu grounded seaweed. Wearing our best winter coats, we are reaching the beach where the sun is slowly setting. The sky is tinted with purple reflecting on the ocean in pinkish colors. Waves come crashing in a gentle evening sound on the beaches turned transparent by light. We are in wild territory, millions of them fly above our heads in complete silence following the wind. They are millions trying to go back to their rest before dark. We are taken away in this huge wild dance orchestrated by wind gusts. Sand whirlwinds, shadows of the wallabies hopping behind us or birds dancing around us make me understand all the life that lives on this little island. Like surranded by spirits, I feel the aboriginal wind.

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