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“Les hommes pensent que les féministes détestent le sexe mais c’est une activité très stimulante et naturelle que les femmes adorent.”


When you are a woman, it is natural to ask yourself some questions before going on a adventure. The human body is an extraordinary machinery, our best way to move around and who goes for takes it easy. But sometimes, it is slightly different : our body takes over, rules us and if we don’t listen to it, the payback is tough.

This article has not be written by a woman for women. But through this few lines, hoping for you to understand and even maybe to makes you realise  is my aim, no matter your gender or your sex, dear reader.

The more I grow up (to not say age), the more I realise how stupid taboos can be. The perfect body indoctrination led us to stay silent on one of the most natural phenomenom of the human body, touching on person out of two, proof of an healthy mind and body. ” Another feminist talking about tampon !” Well, yes. As long as women will be exiled, excised or humiliated, we will talk about it. I invite you to break the silent. Because, yes ladies, if period makes your life a living hell every month, your body is perfectly functionning. Physical or mental illness can have an impact, more or less extreme on your cycle.

Tampon, Pad, Cup, Pill, IUD, Pain, Hormones, Cycle and travel… It is hard and does not rime. There is no magic solution, this “thing’ is our way to face it. Stay positive ! This article will be based on my personal experience, for the first time “I” will be very present.

For my trip, I chose a copper IUD. This contraception allows me to not waste time into chemists all over the world looking for my missing pills, calling for help online or having a pharmacy in my bag (plus going through the border is tricky).

Imagine : I am going to China, I ran out of pills and the one I usually take is illegal in this country… What do I do ? Don’t forget that our boy knows better the environnement it grew up into. If you do not know a medicine, look for something else.


With a copper IUD, no changes in libido, character, skin, eating, habits, body, or simply life. It is here, my body accepted it, now we forget about it and go back to it in 5 years

Becarful ! If you chose a copper IUD, get it done at last 2 months prior departure as rejection or extreme pain are highly likely. As every contraception, the IUD has a dark side. “I do not think the pain gets better, I think you get used to it”, and that’s true ! Be ready, IUD created more intense period pain and we use the term hemorrhage. In my case, I allow myself a day off per month, Netflix, sofa and tea, as I cannot work at all and it will get better. Someday maybe, we will take more seriously about period leave. Of course, everyone is different.

No, you must not have given birth to wear an IUD.

No, it does not make you sterile

No, it does not protect against STI or STD

Yes, your partner might feel it

Yes, the insertion is painful, but it last 10 secondes if you have a good gyno

Yes, you need to change it every 5 years

So you go lady, make your choice, you are brave and strong willed.

What about hygyene down there ? I have been thinking about it for years. “I want to save the planet, but my pads and tampons are the worse for it !”, made from plastic, petrol, chimical products, non degradable and extremely bad for the environnement while giving money to huge corporations. My solution is organic pads or tampons made out of cotton and biodegradable. You can find them in organic shops. WRONG ! There are not more expensive than regular pads unhealthy for your flore.

The cup

Ecologic, confortable and convenient, the cup would be THE solution to all this problems and easy to use on travel. However, having not testing it yet, I leave you with a link to on descriptive article on this topic.

Did you use the cup yet ? Try to convince me in the comments.

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