Byron Bay

“Good vibes, surf and alternative culture.”

23 Novembre 2018 by Manon

Coming up to this town, we went back in time. A lovely mix of beach resort with a touch of hippie atmosphere finishing with extremely good, looking people as in Cancun. What is this place ? A set of bohemian shops fills up the street. Esoterism, clothes and space cakes, we do not know what to look anymore.

The walls are covered with colorful graffitis. Amazing musicians have a play on the road side. And at the end is the park opened on the ocean. Guanas, dolphins, sea turtles, this is the most easterly point of the Australia mainland. I lighthouse overlooks the town. We will probably go check it out, but right now the sun is setting behind the mountains and the sky is getting pink, a real postcard.

Let’s talk about being a woman in Australia. I can see them walk the streets, they look beautiful. Fat, short, tall, every shape et every age. They look at peace, barefoot and small skirts. A simple explanation, men do not stare when they cross path with them. Here no policy pro bra. Women are blond, beautiful and free.

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